About SkinnyMe

SkinnyMe™ Nutritional Diet Supplements was founded in 2012 as part of a personal journey to lose weight. The founder was frustrated by the wide range of highly priced and largely ineffective weight-loss alternatives that existed in South Africa. It prompted him to conduct studies on the most effective weight-loss solutions that existed globally, leading to the creation of the SkinnyMe™ program. Since then it has been used by thousands of South Africans on their personal weight-loss journeys…creating more beautiful and more confident individuals along the way.

There are just too many people who fight the battle of the bulge on a daily basis. If you’re not one of them, then you likely know someone who is. If you are a little over-weight, you would know that this can leave you feeling less outwardly beautiful and probably less self-confident too. This can result in you not being the real you, the you that you want to be.

SkinnyMe™ Nutritional Diet Supplements wants to change that. We want to create a world where anyone that wants to, is able to lose unwanted weight, easily! In doing so, we want all individuals to look and feel more beautiful, more confident and be more of themselves. We are certain that will lead to a happier world for all of us. And because we are proudly South African, we choose to make a difference here first.

SkinnyMe™  Nutritional Diet Supplements will make affordable weight-loss solutions accessible to every South African through an extensive network of Distributors that provide real-time and personal support on your weight- loss journey. Apart from being affordable and accessible, our products will most importantly, be effective. Thus ensuring that the confidence you place in SkinnyMe™ is repaid in the self-confidence that we can build back in yourself through the positive changes that you will experience. So, what are you ‘weighting’ for? Let SkinnyMe™ be your partner in creating a more Beautiful and Confident You!