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SkinnyMe™ Nutritional Diet Supplements was founded in 2012 as part of a personal journey to lose weight. We were frustrated by the wide range of highly priced and largely ineffective weight-loss alternatives that existed in South Africa. It prompted us to conduct studies on the most effective weight-loss solutions that existed globally, leading to the creation of the SkinnyMe™ program. Since then it has been used by thousands of South Africans on their personal weight-loss journeys…creating more beautiful and more confident individuals along the way.

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SkinnyMe™ Nutritional Diet Supplements was founded in 2012 as part of a personal journey to lose weight. Since then, we’ve helped thousands of clients to feel good and look good about themselves

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“Wow wow wow! Finally get a diet that works for me. I'm not even a week on it and I feel completely better about myself. I never had energy, now I'm not sleeping. I struggled with self-confidence. Now I get attention. Awesome diet program. Love it”
“The best product ever! And trust me cos I have tried many products and wasted lots of money on them before”
Claudette O
“Morning everyone. I am now on SkinnyMe for 6 weeks and have so far lost 7.4kg and 55.5cm. This is the 1st diet that I can make work around my lifestyle. I enjoy the foods that we can eat while on SkinnyMe and there is lots that I can do to play around with the different meal options. I feel healthy and have lots more energy. I am really so thankful that I found out about SkinnyMe. I will begin exercising this week and look forward to more positive results. Thanks for all the very helpful SkinnyMe people”

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